2015 Regional Competition Rules and Regulations

RECREATIONAL LEVEL (Level 1): dancers  who study less than 3 hours per week at the studio.  Recreational level dancers receive trophies/pins and are eligible for high score awards, if there are at least 10 entries within their division. Recreational top score recipients receive gift certificates instead of cash. Once a dancer has won 1st place in the recreational level (and remain in the same age division), they must move up to the intermediate level.
COMPETITIVE (Intermediate) LEVEL (Level 2): students who study more than 3 hours per week, but feel they are not up to the Elite level of competition.  Once a dancer has won first place in the intermediate level (and remain in the same age division), they must move up to the elite level.   Top score recipients receive gift certificates.  All intermediate level dancers receive trophies/pins, and special awards.
ELITE LEVEL: students who study dance for 6 or more hours per week and wish to be adjudicated based on an elite level.   Top score recipients receive cash awards and are eligible to be in the title competition and dance-off at our nationals.  
Professional: Adult dancers 21 years and older who are studio owners, teachers or professional dancers. Dancers in this classification are NOT eligible for “High Score” awards. This includes groups with as few as one professional within the group.
Parent/Sr. Dancers: adult dancers (i.e. parents, etc.) excluding professionals. There is no age division for this level. They receive trophies/pins and are eligible for high score awards within their Division, if there are at least 5 in their division. Special Performers: this category is for special needs dancers and will perform in the recreational category. They will be eligible for "high score" awards if there are at least 5 in their division. There is no entry fee for special performers.

AGE DIVISIONS: Petite: 3-4, 5-6, 7-8 Junior: 9-10, 11-12 Teen:13-14, 15-16 Senior:17-18, 19-20 Adults: 21+  The age is defined as the contestant’s age on January 1st. The group’s age is based on the average age of the performers. Drop decimals and round the age down. Groups are not permitted to compete in an age group more than one age level below the oldest dancer in the group. Routines competing at Nationals will enter the same age division as they did in the qualifying Regional competition. Proof of age may be requested. A deliberate attempt to enter the wrong age division will result in disqualification with no refund.

Solos (1 dancer); Duets (2 dancers) Trios (3 dancers) Small Group (4-8 dancers); Large Group (9-12 dancers); Lines (13-18 dancers); Productions (19+ dancers)

Title competitions are held only at our Nationals and there is no additional charge.  Photography entries and best costume entries may be entered at the door at both regional and national competitions.

TIME LIMITS: A deduction of one point will be deducted for exceeding the time limit. Solos & Duets/Trios: (3 min.); Small Groups (3 min.); Large Groups & Lines (4 minutes); Productions  (6 minutes); Production Plus (exceeds 6 minutes).  Additional time may be purchased, if needed.

ENTRY DEADLINES: The entry deadline date for all competitions is 30 days prior to the scheduled competition. Early bird discounts for studios applies only if the entry fees are received by the 30 day deadline.  Entries received after the deadline are not guaranteed to be accepted however, if there is available time they are accepted with a $5.00 late charge, per entry number. Late entries are not eligible for discounts. No entries will be accepted at the door (with the exception of Photogenic and Costume). Solos are $85; Duos/Trios are $30/person; Groups are $30/dancer (these are fees before the early bird discount). 

REFUNDS: Refunds will be issued only if a competition is canceled by ENCORE TALENT PRODUCTIONS. You will be notified in advance, if this should occur and the refund will be mailed immediately. No refunds will be given due to the contestant being unable to perform.  A Gift Certificate will be issued to the studio to be used at a future competition within the same year.

CONFIRMATION: A tentative schedule will be posted to the website approximately 10 days prior to the competition and will be updated as changes occur. ENCORE TALENT PRODUCTIONS reserves the right to change the location of the competition or the number of days, if necessary.

AWARDS: A plaque will be awarded to each entry. Each participant within the group entries will receive pins. Cash awards will be given if there are at least 10 in the division.  All ties will be broken by the entry with the highest score in Technique, then Showmanship, then Choreography. At least one person from an act or studio must be present to accept the special awards. JUDGES’ CHOICE awards will be given to the most entertaining, best choreography, most original, future stars and various others. STUDIO APPRECIATION: $500.00 gift certificate will be given the studio with the most entries. A trophy will be awarded to the TEACHER OF THE DAY for the teacher who has the most overall winners and the Spirit Award will be given to the studio with the best sportsmanship and spirit. All awards are final.

JUDGING: A qualified panel of three (3) judges will give their critique on written score sheets which will be available to the studio owners after the final awards ceremony. Teachers/directors are to pick up their critiques following the awards. They will not be mailed. Teachers will be given a flash drive containing their audio criques. All decisions of the judges are final. Any act that is not completed for whatever reason, will not be eligible for top awards. Coaching during a performance is prohibited and will result in a penalty. This must be brought to the attention of the director at the time it is happening. To be eligible to compete at ENCORE TALENT PRODUCTIONS National Showcase, an entry must have received a minimum of a High Silver award. Any discrepancy in score sheets must be brought to the attention of the ENCORE TALENT PRODUCTIONS director on the day of the competition. No protest of score or age will be accepted after the day of the contest. Only teachers will be allowed to state a protest; not parents or performers.

CATEGORIES DEFINED: (gymnastic tricks are considered to be passes, fast aerial tricks, etc.)
Tap: routines consisting primarily of tap technique. No tap sounds are allowed on the tape. Only one gymnastic trick is allowed (exceptions include cartwheels).
Jazz: routines consisting primarily of jazz technique. Only 2 gymnastic tricks are allowed. (exceptions include cartwheel, slow walkovers)
Hip Hop: routines using hip hop technique. There are no restrictions on gymnastic tricks, shoes, etc.
Ballet: routines must contain ballet technique primarily using classical movement and steps. Using the proper shoes is a must.  No gymnastic tricks are allowed.
Pointe: routines consisting of pointe technique, using classical movements, performed in hard toe pointe shoes.
Lyrical: routines should tell a story and exhibit balance, extension and control. No gymnastics tricks allowed. (exeptions include slow, controlled moves such as cartwheels, walkovers)
Modern: routines should be an interpretation of the music, using balance, extension and control in a contemporary style. (exeptions include slow, controlled moves such as cartwheels, walkovers)
Contemporary: routines should interpret music using balance, extension and control in a contemporary style.  No gymnastics tricks allowed. (exeptions include slow, controlled moves such as cartwheels, walkovers)
Clogging: routines consisting primarily of clogging technique and style. Proper clogging shoes should be used.
Acro/Gymnastics: routine must incorporate controlled gymnastics with rhythm of music, using passes, continual flow from move to move, including a minimum of six (6) acro/gymnastic moves.
Pom Pon: routines consisting of the use of pom poms. This has no restrictions on gymnastics but is only permitted in the group divisions.
Song & Dance: routines consisting of both singing and dancing. No vocals are allowed on the tape. A maximum of 3 gymnastic tricks are allowed.
Character: routines that demonstrate recognizable characters, with or without the use of music. A maximum of 3 gymnastic tricks are permitted in this category.
Ethnic: should reflect a particular ethnic style of dance. No restrictions on shoes, gymnastics, etc.
Novelty: routines with no defined style or technique. No restrictions on shoes, gymnastics, etc.
Vocal: No additional vocals are allowed on the tape except on chorus. A cordless microphone will be available.
Musical Theatre: routines that reflect a dramatized or musical/theatrical theme. A maximum of 3 gymnastic tricks are permitted in this category.
Open: routines that do not fit in any of the above categories. Performer may also enter this as an additional entry so they avoid competing twice in one category. The routine must include no more than 50% gymnastics.
Student Choreography: dance must be choreographed by the student(s) with no help or coaching from the teacher. This is not included in the competitive division for overall awards, but will be eligible for a special award if there are at least 5 entries in student choreography.
Photogenic: Black/white or color photo; preferably not full length. This category is divided into age groups of 12 & under and 13 & over. This may be entered at the door. Do not send photos with entry form.
Costume: preferably something unusual, custom designed, etc. This may be entered at the door.

Encore’s Mr./Miss Dance will be judged at the National Showcase only. The top ten scores in each division (Petite, Junior, Teen and Senior) will be asked to do an Encore Performance. They will be judged against each other and the winners will be presented with a trophy and cash award. All male dancers are qualified to compete, however, cash awards will be awarded only if there is a minimum of 2 dancers in each age division. There will be no additional entry fee for this at the national showcase. Dancers are only eligible if they enter a dance category (i.e., no acro, vocal or pom) in the competitive division. There will be a danceoff following the Duets/Trios wherein the top 5 scores in each age division compete. 

GENERAL RULES: Contestants may enter as many categories as they like, however, they must not compete against themselves. A person cannot perform in the same category and age group. Dancers may not enter the same dance entered in a prior year’s competition. Contestants must be ready to perform at least 30 minutes before their scheduled performance time. No one will be allowed to perform out of order except for costume changes, which must be verified by the director prior to their time slot. Contestants give their permission to ENCORE TALENT PRODUCTIONS to use their photographs in connection with any advertising. Any contestant or studio member that conducts themselves in an unsportsmanlike manner risks permanent disqualification and will be asked to leave the premises. Props are allowed as long as they are used in the routine, with the exception of fire, swords, knives or other dangerous items. If the stage is littered by participants’ props or costumes, please be prepared to clean the stage immediately after the routine has finished. Backup vocals on a tape in the Vocal or Song & Dance categories will result in a 3 point deduction. The only exception is backup vocals during the chorus of the song. Tap sounds on a tape used in the tap category will result in a 3 point deduction. Labels will be provided for music and must be attached to cassettes/cd’s. Also, it is suggested that you bring a backup in case there is a problem with your master copy. All cameras are prohibited and can result in disqualification of routines and/or removal from the auditorium. Teachers please explain this to your parents as this will be strictly enforced. Liability: Contestants are understood to recognize the risks of physical injury inherent in dance and performances and be willing to assume those risks. It is agreed that participants and spectators, jointly and severally hereby forever release, discharge and acquit ENCORE TALENT PRODUCTIONS from any and all contracts, claims, suits, actions or liabilities both in law and in equity specifically arising from, relating to or otherwise described as and limited to participation in any Regional or National Finals Dance Competition including damages or injuries arising from or resulting from participation. RETURNED CHECKS: Personal checks are not accepted. Studios must remit a studio check, cashier’s check or money order. There will be a service charge of $25.00 for all checks returned by the bank. After a check has been returned by the bank, all future entries must be accompanied by a money order or a cashier’s check. If payment has not been received on a returned check by the competition date, the contestant will not be allowed to perform. There will be a $5.00 fee for each change (category, age group or music) made at the door. This can be avoided by double checking the confirmation information that is mailed to you. ENCORE TALENT PRODUCTIONS reserves the right to cancel any event that does not qualify with a minimum number of acceptable entries. In the event this occurs, all entry fees will be refunded promptly. Encore does not refund entry fees for any other reason.

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