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Celebratiing 15 Years!

We are so appreciative of those of you who have supported us over the past 15 years!  To thank you for your support, If you are a PRIOR patron, you will be given a 15% discount when you register by the eary bird date (21 days prior to the competition date). The 10% is automatically deducted at the time of registratoin and a check for the additional 5% will be included in your teachers packet.  New studios will be given the normal 10% discount. if registered by the deadline.

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Our 2014 National Dance Competition will be a family experience. Encore's nationals is not just for the dancers, it's for the whole family. There is an arcade, spa, games and more so the entire family has fun.  Don't wait to make your reservations at Great Wolf Lodge.  Use the discount code 1406ENCO and let them know you are with Encore.  The rooms fill up fast! 
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